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The 7 Spiritual Laws of The Universe & How to Practice Them

I think the first time I read “life is a game” was in Catcher In The Rye.  I honestly couldn’t even explain why this was my favorite book, but here I am referencing it 15 years later.

Life is a game

I’ve come to finally understand the game that life is. In order to win, you have to know how to use the rules in your favor.

The Universe is bound by laws that serve as the structure for life. Because we have free will, these laws act as guides to keep us accountable & responsible for our own lives.

The laws I want to focus on are the seven laws that correspond to our seven chakras, based on the spiritual messages of Matias de Stefano.

Each law stems from the previous one, allowing us to work with them all simultaneously. When the chakras are all aligned, the seven laws become one.

This is how to win at life: integrating fully with the true essence of what we are, pure love & divine light.

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The Laws of The Universe

1. Law of Mentalism


Everything in the universe is a creation of the mind.

In other words: Reality is created in the mind. What you believe, will be what you live. Your thoughts become what you experience in life.


For example: If I believe “life is hard” then everything feels like a constant struggle. If I believe “people are kind” then I start to meet & interact with people who restore my faith in humanity lol.


Questions to ask yourself: What do I think about myself? Am I the product of who I think I am? What do I believe about life in general? Am I experiencing the thoughts I have?


Practice: When you notice a negative thought, stop for a second & make it positive. I used to struggle with cooking & doing the dishes. I would think, “Omg I have to make dinner again & then I have to clean everything up.” I was overwhelmed & felt so negative in the kitchen. I started to tell myself, “I’m so grateful to eat healthy, homemade meals every day & having a clean kitchen makes me so happy!”

2. Law of Correspondence


Everything outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is within & vice versa.

In other words: Our external reality is a mirror to what we are within. What you see is what you are & what you are is what you see.


For example: When I stress about not having money, I am putting out energy that confirms my lack of abundance. My life was a direct reflection of this & I wasn’t able to attract more money. I was only attracting the energy of not having money.


Questions to ask yourself: What am I feeling within? Is my reality an outward expression of my inner experience?


Practice: Notice the next time you judge someone. What about them bothered you? This might be an underlying shadow that you carry within, but see in others. What you don’t like about others, may be what you dislike about yourself. Work on loving every part of yourself.

3. Law of Vibration


Everything in the universe is a vibration of frequency. Creation is a constant vibration of waves formed through expression.

In other words: Everything is energy that vibrates. Anything that is created comes from expression. Our voice is a powerful form of expression. 


For example: The Law of Attraction stems from this law. High vibration frequencies attract other high vibration frequencies. Low vibes attract other low vibes. When I want to manifest something, I have to put myself in the same frequency of what I want. I do this by visualizing myself having it,  imagining the feeling of having it, & living as if I already have it.


Questions to ask yourself: Am I speaking my truth? Do I say the things I want to say? What can I create as a form of expression?


Practice: Pay attention to the things you say out loud. Change your words so that they match what you want to experience in life. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to go to work” try saying, “I want to have a smooth day at work.”

4. Law of Rhythm


All vibrations have a rhythm, created through vibrations over time.

In other words: Life has ups & downs, following a rhythm, it is never still. What goes up, must come down. What is down, will rise again.


For example: The moon dances around the sun every month, following a pattern, moving through every sign of the zodiac. I know the moon energetically influences life on Earth, which is why I feel different all throughout the month. Knowing what sign the moon is in, I’m able to freely embody the qualities of that sign. I find beauty in knowing every few days there’s a new energy for me to experience & every month I come full circle, just like the moon.


Questions to ask yourself: Am I in harmony with how I feel & what I love? Do I respect the rhythms of my life? What cycles am I repeating?


Practice: Close your eyes & place one hand on your heart & the other on your belly. Keep your chest still while your stomach moves. Breathe in for 4 seconds. Pause. Breathe out for 4 seconds. Pause, then repeat for a few cycles. This is a rhythm you can always count on. Your breath is your home.

5. Law of Cause & Effect


Every cause has an effect & every effect has a cause.

In other words: Everything happens for a reason. High/low vibes cause other high/low vibes. High/low vibes are the effect of other high/low vibes. This law guides us in taking responsibility for our current reality.


For example: If I snooze my alarm, this sets me back. It throws off my schedule & puts me behind on my tasks. I get in a bad mood & start to believe that I don’t have time to do everything I want. Instead of creating a reality where I don’t have time to do anything, I realized the simple choices I was making, like snoozing my alarm, was causing a negative effect on my life.


Questions to ask yourself: Am I causing the pain & frustrations in my life? What am I holding within? What actions can I take to positively change my experiences?


Practice: What are the things you always complain about? Try to think of a few things you could do differently to experience a different outcome. It could be physically doing things in a new way, or simply shifting your perspective about it. It’s okay to let go of who you are to be who you want to be.

6. Law of Polarity


Everything has a positive & negative side, indicating the forward movement of how the universe evolves & ascends.

In other words: There is a duality to everything. Where there is light, there is darkness. Where there is love, there is hate. We can’t know what success feels like without failure. We don’t know true happiness without deep sadness. Knowing & experiencing both sides of the coin is how we grow.

For example: I know the sun always comes back out after the rain. I also know it’s going to rain again someday. But I don’t worry about rain when the sun is out, I simply enjoy the sunshine. I am not sad when the rain returns, I am okay with it. I welcome it knowing sunny days are around the corner.

Questions to ask yourself: Am I living in creation or in separation? Am I using perspective to create a new reality? How can I turn my struggles into inspiration?

Practice: Next time you’re in the shower, turn the water to as cold as possible for the last 30 seconds. Before you do this, close your eyes & really focus on how warm the water feels currently. Take some very deep breaths, then make it cold. Keep imagining the warm water, even tho it’s freezing. This will help you build mental resilience in life, just like the cold water, stress is temporary.

7. Law of Generation


Nothing in the universe is destroyed, only transformed.

In other words: Nothing ever dies & is only born again. All energy must keep transforming. Every end is also a new beginning.


Questions to ask yourself: Am I someone who creates or destroys? Am I using my energy to create? What am I putting out into the world?



Instead of providing an example & practice for this last law, I want to emphasize that the Law of Generation closes the circle & loops back around to the first law.


Remember that everything begins in the mind. We are here to create. We have the power to think of an idea & bring it to life. Our thoughts create a vibration that follows a rhythm, based on the choices we make. Every choice has a consequence, with a positive & negative aspect, that allows us to grow & continue to create.

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