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emotional wellness

Connecting Emotions To The Physical Body

Emotional wellness is about balance. A balance between the mind, body, & soul. It’s easy to think of these as separate, & I find myself focusing too much on one at a time. They are far more connected than I even realize sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be complicated in order to heal. I just have to remind myself to look at the whole picture.

For the longest time, I always thought emotions were mental. I thought I could just change my thoughts & the feelings would go away. But they didn’t just go away. They always came back up when I least expected it, in the worst way, at the worst times lol.


I didn’t know that emotions were energy that needed to be released. The body holds onto unprocessed, repressed, suppressed emotions. Why? Because emotions are vibrational energies that come from the physical body.


The biggest realization came to me when I was learning about emotions & energy. If thoughts are conscious & emotions are subconscious, that would mean the mind is conscious & the body is subconscious.

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1. What Are Emotions?

Emotions are what make us human.

I know that the reason I came to Earth is to experience life, to feel life. I have a body, but I am a soul. Emotions are the bridge between the two. This allows us to have a human experience, not just a bodily or mental experience. If you can feel something, anything, it means you’re alive!

Human emotions go beyond just feeling. We are designed to live in connection, innerstanding one another on a vibrational level. At our core is the energy of love. What separates us from other sentient beings is empathy & awareness of how we affect each other.

For us to grow, evolve, & ascend on our spiritual journey, we must learn how to love unconditionally throughout our human experience. I’m learning how to move fluidly in my body, using my emotions as energetic gifts to hold space & let spirit work through me.


2. Why Do We Have Emotions?

Emotions are how the body communicates with us, the language of the body.

Not only are emotions a bridge between the body & soul, they are also the map. The mind is who reads & interprets the map so it can make a decision on where to go. Every emotion is a signal to inform us of what next steps to take. They guide us to take inspired action, learning from the subconscious to make conscious decisions.


Emotions are also clues to what is going on inside. My body is literally telling me what it needs, wants, likes, & also warning me when something is wrong or not in alignment. When there is a disconnect between the mind & body, it interferes with this intelligent communication.


Communication is a two way street & having a clear channel is important. There’s a reason why we have a whole spectrum of feelings. The mind is capable of discerning & identifying emotions, which allows us to interpret what the body is trying to tell us. Because of this, we can learn to recognize & locate where the emotions are coming from.

3. Where Do Emotions Come From?

Emotions come from the energy centers & organs of the body.

The body has energy centers that are connected to universal emotions. Energy blocks in any of the centers will be expressed as these core emotions. Here is a chart of the 7 chakras, their corresponding emotions, & what balances each one.

Emotions of the chakras

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our organs are associated with specific emotions.


Heart & Small Intestine: Love/Joy

Stomach & Spleen: Worry/Nervousness

Lungs & Large Intestine: Grief/Sadness

Kidney & Urinary Bladder: Fear 

Liver & Gallbladder: Anger/Frustration

Emotions of the organs

Remember, communication is a two way street. Having an emotional imbalance is known as both the cause & symptom of physical illness in TCM.

These organs send an emotional signal (energy) throughout the body. The energy of joy comes from the heart. The energy of sadness comes from the lungs. This is one direction, from the body to the mind.

The power of the mind to dwell on a feeling also sends energy to the body. Over worrying impacts the spleen. Excess anger impacts the liver.

This mind-body connection gives us an innate ability to re-balance our internal & external state.

the simple truth

Emotions are physical, not mental, that’s why they’re called feelings. We feel them as physical sensations & intellectualize the sensations into the different “terms” we know as happy, sad, angry, excited, etc.

Now that I know emotions are just energy in motion, it’s easier for me to process them. This is where emotional regulation, the ability to respond to an emotional experience, comes into play. Controlling emotions is not a thing. I cannot control the energetic vibrations that my body experiences. I can only control my thoughts & how I respond to them.

Every physical illness is rooted in an energetic imbalance. The body is always talking to us. We can learn how to communicate with it through the mind body connection & emotional intelligence.

grounding practices

Deep belly breathing
Observe instead of react
– Remind myself: everything is energy

self care rituals

Emotional wellness journaling

Body scan meditation

EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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