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emotional wellness

Emotions & Energy Simplified

I’ve always been an intuitive & emotional person, which makes so much sense since my natal moon is in Scorpio, a fixed water energy. I’m also a very grounded person, thanks to my Capricorn sun, which is cardinal earth energy.


Basically, I always knew there was more to me than just my physical body. I could feel it.


While Astrology taught me to recognize my energetic tendencies, Yoga taught me how to connect with & balance the koshas, the energetic sheaths, or layers, of the body. 


Beneath the first physical layer, there’s the energy body, our breath/life force, that connects us to the mental body, where thoughts & emotions are.

Yoga Koshas
Have you ever been told to “listen to your body”? I didn’t know what this fully meant until I broke it down into conscious & subconscious terms. It was obvious to me that our thoughts were part of the conscious mind. So what is the subconscious mind? Isn’t it the ego?

Thanks to the ancient teachings of Yoga, I realized: if thoughts are conscious, it only makes sense that emotions are subconscious.

This is when it all clicked for me.

The mind speaks through thoughts, the body speaks through emotions. 

Listening to your body involves feeling your emotions. Resistance to emotions causes stress. Knowing that all disease comes from stress in the body, I looked deeper into what stress actually is. It’s energy. Energy created from trapped emotions.

When it comes to developing emotional intelligence, innerstanding these fundamental concepts about energy & emotions really became the foundation to how I approached emotional wellness.

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1. Everything Is Energy

The entire universe is made of energy, basic Quantum Physics right. Everything is essentially atoms, vibrating at different frequencies. 


Bruce Lipton describes this perfectly:

Knowing this keeps me grounded.

An apple is energy, crystals are energy, Earth is energy. Our bodies are energy & so are our thoughts. Love, joy, sadness, frustration, any emotion is an energy.

I get overwhelmed a lot. I know this because looking back in my journal, I would always write “today was very overwhelming” lol.

A huge part of emotional maturity is recognizing emotional patterns.

Journaling helped me learn what my patterns were, so when I started recognizing them in real time, I would say to myself “okay this is an energy I need to feel & set free.”

Keyword feel!

Emotions need to be felt, processed, moved & set free, because emotions are energy!

2. Emotion Is Energy In Motion

Feelings come & go. They don’t stay, they flow. This is why they say “e-motions” are energy in motion.


Another reminder that keeps me grounded when I’m overwhelmed. “This energy I’m feeling has to keep flowing.”


Negative emotions need to flow, just like the positive ones. The thing is, positive emotions are easier to process. I feel excitement or joy & I can go about my day. When I feel annoyed or frustrated, it seems to linger & affect my mood.


This is because I create resistance to these negative emotions. They’re not fun & it makes me feel uncomfortable. Knowing that it’s an energy that needs to flow through me, I’m learning how to feel & move it, not fight it, so I can let it go, just like the positive ones.

I’m a cryer. It’s how I learned to self soothe when I was younger.  Crying became my go-to emotional release (hello Scorpio moon). Instinctively, I knew I had to release it somehow.


The downside is that I could not stop crying lol. I would get stuck on an emotion in my head without letting it go. However, this was the only way I knew how to process such overwhelming emotions. Honestly, any emotion that is too intense, even happiness, I cry lol.


Breathing is the only thing that calms me down.


After all, our breath is the life force that literally moves energy through us.


I love learning & experiencing new ways to keep my energy flowing because the truth is, emotions that don’t flow become stagnant energy. Energy that sits still remains stuck in the body.


This brings me to the third fundamental concept, which I think may be the most important one.

3. Stuck Energy Causes Disease

Every disease is caused by stress, whether it’s physical or emotional. Learning how to discern emotional from physical is crucial.

We are able to feel emotions so deeply in the body because of fascia (connective tissue). Fascia is everywhere. It surrounds every nerve, organ, muscle, & bone. Emotions flow through the fascia & are also stored there. This is why emotional regulation is so important.

Watch this beautiful fascia dance by Tobias Gremmler

The body is always talking to us. When we ignore what the body is telling us (suppress emotions), that energy becomes stuck. The fascia can tighten & harden, making it difficult for energy to flow.


This causes stress to build up in specific areas & grow outward as inflammation, pain, tumors, diseases, etc. The body’s natural systems can no longer function optimally.


For so long, I was asleep to my body’s signals. I started to write down all my health problems & realized they were a normal part of my everyday life.




Bruising easily

Dental cavity prone

Difficulty sweating

Digestive issues

Dry skin & hair

Excessive hair shedding

Headaches & migraines almost every day

Heavy periods

Itchy scalp

Low libido

Nearsighted vision


Pain in my lower back & feet

Toxin overload


The reality is, it’s not normal to always feel bad.


The body only knows healing & I wasn’t doing anything to help.

the simple truth

The reason we have symptoms is to signal us of a disruption in energy flow. The disruption is caused by trapped emotions. This energy is simply looking for a way out, it has to go somewhere.


It will come out through emotional release, or it will manifest in the body as physical symptoms.

grounding practices

– Breathe
– Close my eyes & focus my awareness at the root chakra
– Remind myself: everything is energy
– Imagine my emotions as water in a river. Must keep the river flowing!

self care rituals

– Breathwork

– Journaling

– Movement

Picture of DREA LEON

Self care is my favorite thing to do ☀

I live for slow mornings with the sunshine on my face, sipping lemon water & walking outside with Kota ♡

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