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holistic wellness

Hiii I'm Drea!

Welcome to my holistic lifestyle where Astrology is my chosen religion, Self Care is my favorite medicine, and Life is my greatest teacher!

I’m learning how to love all the parts of myself as I heal my inner child & let go of the conditioning of my past. I LOVE a good personal growth story — I’m actually obsessed with self improvement.

I think everything I’ve been through has lead me to this version of myself — Staying true to who I am & what I love.

Finding that perfect balance between what I’m “supposed to be doing” & who I actually want to be is what I struggle with the most.

Somewhere between my holistic yoga practice, Kundalini breathwork sessions, and shadow love journaling, my own divine infinite power was revealed to me — Everything I need is truly within myself.

As I continue to build & nurture the connection between my body mind & soul, I trust that everything does happen for a reason — To heal, grow, and evolve into my highest self.

The passion I have for wellness isn’t something I can keep inside lol. My highest excitement & joy is sharing everything I have in my mind & in my heart with you!

I’m so grateful you are here, let’s grow together!

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